Miss Bug’s Birth: Accidentally Natural

Read about my two previous births! The Ballerina’s Part1 and Part 2, and the Engineer’s. Between the Engineer and my next pregnancy, we moved.  I was at a new clinic, a new hospital and had a new doctor, Dr. P.  We were in a new house and new neighborhood, but family problems follow you everywhere….

The Engineer’s By-the-Book Birth

Read the Ballerina’s exciting birth story: Part 1 and Part 2 One would think that in the two years between the Ballerina and the Engineer, I would have read more about childbirth and dealing with the pain of contractions, but I didn’t.  Life was full of other, more pressing things.  Not just my teaching, but…

Manic Monday: The Ballerina’s Birth, part 2

Read Part 1 first. The doctors had prepared us for the risks of induction. We knew about the risks of pre-eclampsia and the possible complications. We thought the risks were over once the birth was done. We’d done it. We’d beaten this strange, potentially-fatal disease of pregnancy. It would all be uphill from here. We…

Manic Monday: The Ballerina’s Birth, part 1

Birth stories are fascinating.  One of the wonders of the information age is how easily and widely women can share their stories.  Each one is as unique as the child being born. My 5 births are all different, each with a different level of management.  It’s quite some variety: medically-necessary induction, low-risk with an epidural,…

Manic Monday: Avoiding the Pregnancy Panic

This is my 7th pregnancy. If, God willing, everything goes well, it will be my 6th birth and baby. It is incredible how much more information is available now compared to my first pregnancy. 12 years ago, I had a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. That’s the book everyone said I needed….