About Me

I am a mom of six, ranging in age from my grown stepdaughter (who has a boy of her own) down to my barely-toddling baby.  I am a wife, a Catholic, and just a little bit crunchy.  Once, I was a public school teacher; now I homeschool.  I’m an introvert in a very noisy household, trying to keep the joy and peace in a busy, blaring world.

Four years ago, we had a wake-up call.  My husband’s blood pressure and cholesterol numbers were not good.  We had three little ones at the time, so being healthy was a must!  Though we had followed all the typical advice about eating low-fat and low cholesterol, it hadn’t worked.  I couldn’t lose the baby weight, even on Weight Watchers.  His health was worse than ever.  I felt constantly tired, discouraged, and overwhelmed.  Like others, I took to the internet to find another way–a better way–to find health and vitality.  I discovered the whole food movement and ancestral eating.  Most importantly, I discovered eating for nutrition.  I discovered the paleo and primal communities.  Eventually, I started using essential oils.  Life has changed.

We aren’t perfect.  We don’t eat perfectly or parent perfectly.  But we are far from where we were.  We’ve had two more babies in the intervening years, as well as health and family challenges.  I am so thankful to be able to face these challenges strong in faith and with the best tools I can.  Each time, I learn more, and I go a little bit further on my journey.

I’m not trying to build my own homestead or hobby farm.  I have no interest in raising my own cows or chickens.   Although I believe that what we eat is the biggest piece of the health and wellness puzzle, I don’t actually write about food very often.  There are so many excellent blogs about food out there already.  Instead, I write about the research on essential oils, and how we use essential oils in our lives.  They have made an enormous difference to us, and we want to share that experience.  Essential oils aren’t my whole life, though, so I write about parenting, homeschooling, and family as well.

I hope that my experiences, thoughts, and discoveries can help you and your family live a better, healthier, more vital life.  Stick around and read if you want to learn more, or find out more about essential oils and our wonderful team, Team Natural, here.