Oily Baby Names, Part 1

We welcomed a new family member recently.  Although she was a little early, my stepdaughter had her lovely little rainbow baby (a girl!) last Monday. Needless to say, everyone is over the moon, especially since there were complications and some bleeding early in the pregnancy that made all of us nervous. In honor of my new granddaughter, we get to talk about baby names.

Baby names for the essential oil lover.
Love your essential oils more than anything? Show the world with an oily baby name.

I have to admit, I like lists of baby names even when I’m not expecting, especially the rise and fall of naming trends. My school days spanned the late 80’s through the ’90’s, and Jessica was by far and away at the top of the popularity curve, along with Jennifer and Heather (I might actually know more Heathers than any other name).  There was no shortage of Matts, either.

I haven’t run into anyone under 25 with any of those names.  Apparently, every Jessica remembers being one of four in the class and decided to look for a more unique name for her baby.  What could be better than choosing a baby name that perfectly expresses what is most important in the lives of the parents?  For example, there are baby name lists for Hipsters and Hippies, for the Country folks, the Lumberjacks (I actually really liked this list, even though my children’s names weren’t on it), even Magical baby names–oh my!  There are numerous sites that promise a list of vintage, rare, unique, trendy, cool, and sexy baby names (am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to intentionally look for a sexy baby name?).

What if you love your essential oils so much you want to express that love in your baby’s name?  After all, nature-inspired names do show up on a lot of those lists anyway.  Let’s see what Young Living Essential Oils baby names we can come up with.  We’ll start with the girls:

Angelica: Hard to overlook this one, which has been a name in several forms anyway.  Essential oil of angelica is a soothing, “happy” oil that is known for helping people relax.

Cedar(wood): You might not want to call her Cedarwood, but Cedar has popped up on many lists, and this is a warm-scented, comforting oil. I’d classify this name as gender-neutral.

Clary Sage:  Middle and first name in one!  Either Clary or Sage could stand alone, or they could be used together. Clary sage has a mellow, uplifting scent to promote healthy attitudes.  Who wouldn’t want their little one to have that?

Clove: Spicy, sweet, exotic, everything you need for a unique name.  It’s an excellent name for an autumn baby.

Dorado Azul: Another double delight.  If you’re looking for a Spanish flare for your baby names, either Dorado (gold) or Azul (blue) could work.  This is another gender-neutral set, and color names are quite fashionable. Bonus: it’s a Young Living exclusive oil!

Elemi: I’ll admit, everyone pronounces this one differently, but that gives you the chance to decide how you’d like your child’s exotic name to sound. It’s related to frankincense and myrrh, so it’s part of an illustrious family. It’s another gender-neutral name choice.

Geranium: Flower names are all the rage in some circles, and if you like the crossover boy-to-girl names phenomenon, it has the advantage of the nickname Gerry. It’s a positive, uplifting essential oil.

(German) Chamomile: So, you’ll probably want to drop the “German” off, but Chamomile is a nice spin-off of the trending names of Camilla and Camille.  Chamomile is considered soothing too.

Ginger: Yes, it’s been around a while, but it’s still an exotic spice associated with autumnal desserts and Christmas time treats.

Helichrysm: It’s fancy, and she’ll be the only Helichrysm in kindergarten.  It can also be shorted to Eli or Chrys.  Helichrysm is a supportive, restorative oil.

Jade Lemon:  You might not want to call the baby Lemon (or maybe you do), but Jade is an easy-to-spell choice for those who want a slightly exotic name for their girl or boy.

Jasmine: Floral, exotic, romantic and uplifting, Jasmine has been a popular name for years.  Maybe only you know it’s referring to your favorite essential oil.

Juniper: This super-trendy, woodsy, gender-neutral name gives the impression of a confident, energetic personality.  So does the essential oil.

Lavender:  You can’t have an essential oil list without it, and Lavender gets to count as both a botanical name and a vintage name, as it gives off a Victorian vibe.  It’s also many people’s go-to oil because of it’s complex chemical make-up and versatility.

Marjoram: Similar to the once-popular Marjorie, Marjoram is woodsy, feminine and unique.

Melaleuca:  This one is part of the scientific name of Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree oil) and Melaleuca Quinquenervia (Niaouli–which could be a cool name too).  It has a nice rhythm and a lovely double-l sound to it.

Melissa: Yes, there have been many (many) Melissas out there, but most of them aren’t babies.  If you love the oil, you might love the name, too.

Myrrh: Rich, smooth, and Biblical, Myrrh as a name will be recognizable, but certainly different. It is a spiritual, revitalizing oil.

Myrtle: This has been used as a name in the past, so it might be a hit with parents who want a vintage sound and like a botanical name.

Neroli: This oil has been described as citrus-y and floral.  It has also been around since ancient Egypt, so it’s a good pick for the family that wants a rare name with long roots.

Palmarosa: This name gives off a tropical vibe, but has the advantage of  being shortened to Rose or Rosa.

Rose and Rosemary: Two totally different plants and oils, but the names are similar.  Rose is an easy nickname for Rosemary, or it can stand on its own.  Both are soft, sweet, totally timeless names.

Valerian: It’s almost Valerie, but a little more formal, and masculine enough to be gender neutral. It’s a grounding, balancing oil, and whether you use it for a girl or a boy, it can still be shortened to Val.


Of course, a few names in the Girls section were pretty gender neutral, but some essential oils lend themselves to boy names.

Balsam Fir:  you might not want to include the Fir part, but Balsam is rustic, and can be shortened to Sam.  It also a warm, rustic, Christmas-y scent.

Basil: Basil isn’t a newcomer to the name world, there’s even a St. Basil from way back in the fourth century.  It can be shortened to Bas, if you like, and has a nice balance between old and new.

(Blue) Cypress: Blue has been used as a name, so use both, or choose Cypress by itself.  He can always be Cy to his friends.

Cistus: The oil may come from a very feminine rose, but the name has a grand, Latin feel.

Coriander: This warm, soothing oil and spice has many nickname possibilities, including Cori and Andy.  The full name sounds formal and masculine.

Fennel:  So you love the name Finn, but you know a few of them already?  Maybe try Fennel, with Fenn for short. Its an earthy, energizing oil with an earthy, energizing name.

Frankincense:  It’s been done before, you know.  Don’t you remember Frank from “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”?  Maybe this one is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but maybe someone will love it.

Hinoki:  Looking for a Far Eastern feel for your baby?  Hinoki captures the essence of Japan, both as a name and an oil.

(Idaho Blue) Spruce:  Spruce sounds like Bruce, only more modern.  Just like the oil is an attractive, masculine scent, so the the name has a strong, masculine sound to it.

Ledum:  A bit unusual, but harmonizing Ledum can be shortened to Lee, and provides a unique, boyish, botanical name.

Palo Santo: In Spanish, an -o ending is typically masculine, so either Palo (wood) or Santo (holy) could be used for a boy.

Roman (Chamomile): Roman is a boy’s name with a long history.  It’s never been super-popular, but it’s never out of style, either. Plus, everyone is sure to be able to spell and pronounce it!

Royal (Hawaiian Sandalwood):  Sure that your little fella is a prince?  Name him Royal so there’s no doubt!

Sage:  A popular county name, Sage can be  boy or a girl.  The spicy, woody scent is comforting, spiritual, and perfect for a boy.

Spikenard: Sure, it’s unusual, but a special type of boy can carry off the inevitable nickname, Spike.

Tarragon:  This name give an impression of strength and fortitude, like the similar name Terrance.  Tarragon is more unique and sure to make people pay attention.

Tsuga: Tsuga was traditionally used medicinally by Native Americans.  For those who love Native American history, culture, and names (and essential oils) Tsuga would be an expressive choice.

Vetiver:  Like a male version of velvet, Vetiver sounds smooth and luxurious.

If essential oils are your life, you might just want to let the whole world know, forever (or at least for the lifetime of your child).  (And no, my granddaughter’s name isn’t on this list, but it was fun to put together).

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